Excellent fishing spots

Here you can see a 12 kilo fish. Caught in August in 2002. The place is marked as number 4 on the "Fishing map".

The picture below shows Per with his amazing lobster caught during last year hummer season.


The best fishing spots are marked with dark numbered glas pearls. You are promised to catch fish here. The places are tested using jig, rake, spinning-bait and longline with bait.

The best time for fishing is in the morning, around 7 or 8 am. and in the afternoon, from 5 pm and later.

Below you will see an overview of the varieties of fish you can expect to find visiting and fishing the numerous fishing spots.


The overview is base don fishing during the summer and early autumn season.

Fishing in Lyngør

Place Type of fish Suggested fishing gear



Rake-hooks, shiny without bait



Rake-hooks, shiny without bait



Rake-hooks, shiny without bait


Mackerel, Cod,

Rake-hooks with rubber worm, jig


Cod, pollack, coalfish

Rake-hooks with rubber worm, longline, jig


Mackerel, cod and

Trolling line, rake-hooks with bait


Cod, coalfish

Rake-hooks with bait, trolling line, jig



Rake-hooks with rubber worm


Cod, coalfish

Rake-hooks with bait, trolling line and jig



Rake-hooks with rubber worm

During the summer, in particular during June and July the mackerel can be seen in huge numbers. If you visit the fishing spot 1, 2, 3 and 4 you may fill up your boat with mackerel. Later in the season, the macrell can be caught closer to the mainland, even near Gjeving Marina. My favourite place for cod are the fishing spots number 4, 5, 6 and 10. By trolling near number 6 you can even catch Pollack up to 3-6 kilo. A say is that the cod is not at its best in months with no "R" in the name….. Then it is a bit shaky, but the natives still eat it. It is believed it is because of the temperature in the sea. The late autumn is the best period to catch the cod and of course in the wintertime. The natives use net and rake-hooks with shrimps is the best way to catch the cod. The herring is best to catch late autumn and in the winter. The fishermen use to be on shore and place the net from there. But for us, fishing for the liking of it, or visitors, the marked places on the map should be the best. The table above tells you what to expect to catch in the different spots.


If you love fish, the place is definitely Lyngør. Here, we are honoured to serve the best the ocean can offer. Unbelievable gastronomic delicious meals that you have never seen or eaten are everyday events. Below you may see a starter, sea crayfish, and the main dish was sea scorpion. We can only say one word: HEAVENLY!

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Good luck!